Ceremonial Documents

PLEASE NOTE:  To protect employees and the public from exposure to COVID-19, the following changes for requesting ceremonial documents have been made: 

  • Requests must be submitted at least two (2) weeks in advance.
  • All ceremonial documents will be mailed (except In Memoriams).
  • At least 72 hours notice is appreciated for In Memoriam requests, but not required.
  • In Memoriams may be picked up Monday-Friday from 9:00-4:00 at the first floor security desk in City Hall, 100 Holiday Street.
  • Please anticipate postal delays and submit requests as soon as possible. 

Mayor Scott issues ceremonial documents to recognize and congratulate Baltimore City residents and organizations, and welcome groups who are holding events in Baltimore.

Certificates of Recognition

Mayor Scott issues certificates of recognition to recognize individuals or groups for a specific achievement or milestone, such as a milestone anniversary or birthday, award, retirement, grand opening, convention or conference, significant contribution to the community, or similar achievement.


Mayor Scott issues proclamations to recognize a day, week or month in awareness of a cause, issue or occasion. The intention of a proclamation is to honor, celebrate, or create awareness of an event or significant issue.

Greeting Letters

Mayor Scott issues greeting letters for publication in event programs to welcome groups who are holding medium and large events held in Baltimore. Some common events include business and professional conferences, festivals, class reunions, family reunions and other significant events.

Memorial Certificates

Mayor Scott issues memorial certificates to the family of a deceased individual. Unlike other ceremonial documents, memorial certificates can be prepared same day.