Given all of the different laws, policies, procedures, resolutions, and guidelines for procuring contracts, there is a need for comprehensive Procurement Regulations, which incorporate all of the information into a single document. Other jurisdictions in Maryland have such regulations. Regulations allow contractors and vendors to easily identify the process and standards by which bids or proposals will be considered and evaluated. Additionally, the public will have better access to critical information regarding the expenditure of City funds to procure public services. 

The proposed regulations are linked in the center of the below diagram. The laws, policies, procedures, and resolutions that have been combined are linked by the corresponding circles around the procurement circle.

Final Regulations
Professional Services Resolution
Non-Competitive Procurement Resolution

Procurement Regulations 

Procurement Regulations

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  1. Procurement Regulations
    1. City Procurement System – General Overview 
    2. Definitions 
    3. Ethics and Standards of Behavior 
    4. Release of Information 
    5. Contractor Pre-Qualification 
    6. Minority and Women's Business Enterprise 
    7. Formal Solicitation 
    8. Professional Services Solicitation 
    9. Informal Solicitation – RFI 
    10. Emergency Procurement 
    11. Non-Competitive Procurement (No Advantage, Not Practicable, or Emergency Nature) 
    12. Conflict of Interest 
    13. Contract Modification 
    14. Termination 
  2. Protest Regulations
    1. Repeal of Resolution
    2. Board Agenda
    3. Conduct during Board Meetings
    4. Protests
    5. Procurement Lobbyist
    6. Required Posting
  3. Minority and Women-Owned Business Enterprise Regulations
    1. Minority Business Enterprise and Women-Owned Business Enterprise Program
    2. Certification Eligibility 
    3. Certification Process and Procedures 
    4. Minority and Women's Business Enterprise Certification Appeals Board Rules of Operation
    5. Annual Participation Goals
    6. Setting Contract Goals
    7. Counting MBE and WBE Participation
    8. Utilization Requirements
    9. Waivers
  4. Debarment / Suspension Regulations
    1. Scope and Authority
    2. Debarment Definitions
    3. Written Notices
    4. Investigation and Preliminary Recommendation to the Board
    5. Suspension Pending Decision
    6. Notice, Hearing, and Decision – Automatic Debarments
    7. Notice and Hearing – Other Debarments
    8. Duties of the City – Other Debarments
    9. Decision of the Board – Other Debarments
    10. Reinstatement
  5. Severability
  6. Effective Date
  7. Amendments
  8. Appendices