Mayor Pugh's Call to Action

                                                                     Call to Action

Mayor Pugh's Call to Action creates platforms for everyday people to be a part of the solution in reducing violence and strengthening communities in Baltimore City.  The Call to Action prioritizes public safety  and unites City residents, businesses, organization and agencies through community-based programming, initiatives, and collaborative resources. 

Key focus areas include:

  • Community Violence Reduction
  • Youth Development
  • Training and Employment
  • Strategic Partnerships
  • Neighborhood Beautification
  • Mental and Behaviorial Health Services
  • Building Informed Communities

On Saturday, June 10th more than 400 people attended the first Call to Action Community Resource Fair held at Baltimore City Community College.  

On Saturday July 15th, The Call to Action Youth Resource Fair was held at the War Memorial where more than 50 service providers connected children and young adults to out-of-school time programming, job training and employment opportunities, mental and behavioral health services, and more. 

There will be more events and plans announced in the forthcoming weeks.

To learn more or get involved email [email protected]


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