Behavioral Health and Implementation

Baltimore Public Health Gap Analysis Implementation Plan

In 2019, the City conducted a gap analysis of its public behavioral health system. This report included several recommendations. Now, the City is releasing its plan to implement the key recommendations, developed in conjunction with the Collaborative Planning and Implementation Committee (CPIC). 

This is the first draft, available for public comment between September 30 and October 30, 2021. 

Quarterly Behavioral Health System Implementation Updates

Under the Fourth Year Monitoring Plan, the City is required to provide detailed public-facing reports that describe the status of and progress made in the following areas related to Behavioral Health reforms as directed by the Consent Decree agreement:
- Mobile Crisis Team standards,
- Development of a comprehensive behavioral health call center in order to increase 911 diversion opportunities, and
- A public awareness campaign that promotes alternatives to calling 911 for a behavioral health crisis (e.g., the Here2Help Hotline).

Q1 2021 Behavioral Health System Implementation Update

Q2 2021 Behavioral Health System Implementation Update

Q3 2021 Behavioral Health System Implementation Update