Baltimore City Board of School Commissioners

Community Panel Meeting Minutes
October 10th -3rd & Final Meeting
200 E. North Ave, First Floor Boardroom

Roger Schulman, Fund for Educational Excellence; McKenzie L. Allen, Maryland Alliance of Public Charter Schools; Deborah Brown-Demery; PTA Council; Susanna Barrios, Disability Rights Maryland; Diamonte Brown, Baltimore Teachers Union; Glenard Middleton, AFSCME MD Council 67/Local 44 President; Scott Kashnow, Downtown Business Family Alliance; Chad Kramer, BCPSS School Administrators & Supervisors Association(PSASA); Jessica T. Fauntleroy, Parent and Community Advisory Board; Zeke Cohen, Baltimore City Council; Tisha Edwards, Mayor’s Office; Kim Humphrey, ACLU.

Community Panel Meeting called to order at 8:15pm

Roll Call:

  • 11 members present at the time of roll call
  • Glen Middleton joined the meeting at 8:40pm

Candidates Interviewed:

  1. Kisha Webster


  • Roger Schulman announced that he would recuse himself from Joe Francaviglia’s interview. He explained that his organization is the fiscal sponsor of Mr. Francaviglia’s organization.
  • Jessica Fauntleroy announced that she would recuse herself from Shantay Guy’s interview. She explained that she co-leads the Parent and Community Advisors Board with Ms. Guy.


  1. Kenne Dibner
    • 2 Ayes; 9 Nay; 1 Abstention
  2. Shantell Roberts
    • 9 Ayes; 3 Nay
  3. Khalilah Harris
    • 9 Ayes; 3 Nay
  4. Joe Francaviglia
    • 1 Aye; 10 Nay; 1 Abstention
  5. Veola Green
    • 4 Aye; 8 Nay
  6. Shantay Guy
    • 8 Aye; 3 Nay; 1 Abstention
  7. Kisha Webster
    • 7 Aye; 5 Nay

2nd Round Vote

  1. Shantell Roberts
    • 7 Aye; 5 No
  2. Khalilah Harris
    • 7 Aye; 5 No
  3. Shantay Guy
    • 7 Aye; 4 No; 1 Abstention
  4. Kisha Webster
    • 5 Aye; 7 No

The following candidates will be recommended to the Mayor.

  1. Shantell Roberts
  2. Khalilah Harris
  3. Shantay Guy

Approval of 2019 Meeting Minutes

  • Motion by Roger Schulman, Fund for Educational Excellence
  • 2nd by Chad Kramer, BCPS School Administrators & Supervisors Association
  • Unanimous vote (12-0) to approve the 2019 Community Panel minutes

The Community Panel recessed at 10:30pm

Past Meetings: