Jason W. Mitchell

JasonJason W. Mitchell
With over two decades of municipal water expertise, I'm Dr. Jason W. Mitchell—an inspirational leader committed to transforming communities through strategic vision and innovation. As an accomplished executive, I've spearheaded water, wastewater, and storm infrastructure management, leaving a trail of impactful achievements.

My journey spans across executive roles in the City of Baltimore and City of Oakland, where I implemented groundbreaking initiatives like the Baltimore Water4All Affordability Program, ensuring equitable water assistance. Adept in financial forecasting and change management, I've secured substantial funding, led transformative projects, and fostered community inclusion. In addition, I have turned around customer service and billing systems where decreasing rate increases and increasing revenue and reducing customer complaints. My passion for empowering leaders and teams has led to innovative solutions and a dynamic, inclusive leadership pipeline. I live in Baltimore with my wife and three children, and love football.