Cory V. McCray

McCrayCory V. McCray is the senator of Maryland's 45th Legislative District, covering parts of east and northeast Baltimore, winning a seat in the Maryland State Senate in 2018. Since then, The Daily Record and Maryland Matters have both named Cory a Legislator to Watch.

Born and raised in Baltimore, he attended Fairmount-Harford High School in east Baltimore. Cory credits his mother for changing his trajectory in life when she noticed him going down the wrong path as a teen. She enrolled him in an apprenticeship program at 18, and soon after, he became a member of the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers. By 20, he had purchased his first home and would go on to buy several rental properties while earning his bachelor's degree.

Cory began his political career in 2014 when he was elected to the Maryland House of Delegates, representing the 45th District. Leading news outlets like Center Maryland called him one of the most effective freshman legislators in the entire state.

His approach to public service is listening to the problems of his constituents and finding a solution. Cory passed the Action and Power Apprenticeship Act when they asked for better jobs. The legislation expanded funding for apprenticeships that lead to family-supporting careers. His resilient spirit and commitment to lifting the voice of those often silent led to him building a solid coalition of legislators from across the state to overturn a veto from the former governor of Maryland to restore voting rights to thousands of Marylanders.

When he is not in the community, Cory looks forward to spending as much time as possible with his wife and four children in Northeast Baltimore. He continues working for his local union and as a community organizer to this day, helping expand the opportunity for a better life for men and women across our city and state.