Mayor Scott Launches Fall City Services Sprint

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DPW, DOT, BCRP to Implement Traffic Calming Measures, Clean and Maintain Tree Wells, Conduct Rat Abatement, Address Abandoned Vehicles

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BALTIMORE, MD (Monday, October 2, 2023) – Today, Mayor Brandon M. Scott relaunched the next iteration of the #BuildBetterBMore 90-day City services sprints for the Fall season. Mayor Scott’s city services sprints were originally introduced this past spring.

Over the course of the 90-day sprint, multiple City agencies, including the Department of Public Works, Department of Transportation, and Recreation & Parks, will work to conduct 36,000 rat inspections and provide necessary treatments to address rat infestations, cut and clean 800 tree wells, install 90 speed humps to help with traffic calming, and address 900 abandoned vehicles. Additionally, the agencies will conduct public education efforts that accompany the targeted issue areas, like strategies to reduce rat populations and options to address disabled vehicles.

“We launched this City services sprints effort to send a message to Baltimoreans that we are committed to delivering high quality services in every single neighborhood across the city," said Mayor Brandon M. Scott. "This past spring, City agencies exceeded their original goals in record time, prompting us to expand the service goals, while continuing to drive service improvements. Our front-line workers didn’t slow down, and with this next iteration of the sprints we’re tackling even more issues important to Baltimoreans. During these 90 days, I hope that residents join us in this effort by submitting their service requests through 311 and encourage us all to come together to improve our city.” 

“The city services sprints have become a critical tool to help us drive improvements to service delivery in neighborhoods across the city,” said Faith Leach, Baltimore City Chief Administrative Officer. “We will continue to leverage data to track progress and to inform service delivery improvements at each step of the process.” 

In the initial spring City services sprint launched in April 2023, City agencies were tasked with repairing 9,000 potholes, removing 900 graffiti markings, resurfacing nine miles of city roads, and targeting illegal dumping hot-spots in Baltimore. Ultimately, Within just 60 days, on June 12, 2023, crews filled 19,831 potholes, repaved 10.1 lane miles, removed 1,142 graffiti markings, and cut down on illegal dumping across the city.

Mayor Brandon M. Scott speaking with others

Workers asphalting a road

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