Baltimore City Chosen as One of the 24 Cities for 'Cities Forward' U.S. Department of State Program

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BALTIMORE, MD (Monday, August 28, 2023) - Baltimore City has been chosen as a participant in the Cities Forward program, a collaborative initiative between the U.S. Department of State, ICLEI-Local Governments for Sustainability, Resilient Cities Catalyst, and the Institute of the Americas. Launched at the Cities Summit of the Americas, this program is designed to assist Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC) and U.S. cities create sustainable, inclusive, and resilient futures through project consultation, co-design, and knowledge sharing. 

As long-time ICLEI members, Baltimore has proven its dedication to advancing ambitious climate and sustainability goals. With 129 applications for just 24 openings from cities across the Americas, Baltimore is proud to participate in this program focused on urban sustainability, resilience, and inclusion, and will be pleased to share experiences and solutions with other cities during the Cities Forward Academy at the final phase of the program in 2025. 

The entire list of cities announced by the Cities Forward program, include:  

  • Ambato, Ecuador + Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 
  • Cali, Colombia + Baltimore, Maryland 
  • Cartagena, Colombia + Denver, Colorado 
  • Fortaleza, Brazil + Hawai`i County, Hawai`i 
  • Freeport, Bahamas + Coral Springs, Florida 
  • Guatemala City, Guatemala + Dallas, Texas 
  • Hermosillo, México + Dubuque, Iowa 
  • Manaus, Brazil + Stockton, California 
  • Mérida, México + Austin & Travis County, Texas 
  • Montego Bay, Jamaica + Hoboken, New Jersey 
  • Renca, Chile + Evanston, Illinois 
  • Rosario, Argentina + Chattanooga, Tennessee 

“Baltimore’s selection to participate in the first-ever Cities Forward cohort is not just an honor, it’s a statement about our commitment to building a sustainable and resilient city for the future and our eagerness to partner with cities across the globe,” said Mayor Brandon M. Scott. “There is so much to learn from our climate progress in Baltimore: our sustainability and climate action plans, our commitment to environmental justice, and our efforts to actively seek input from those most impacted by climate change. As a city, we are also always looking to learn from other urban sustainability projects and bring that wisdom back to Baltimore to improve our efforts to confront the climate crisis.” 

"We are thrilled to collaborate with these cities and tap into their ingenuity and creativity," said Angie Fyfe, ICLEI USA Executive Director. "By bringing together local expertise and global perspectives, we can craft innovative, inclusive sustainable solutions that will have a lasting impact across the world.” 

Baltimore City looks forward to working closely with Cali, Colombia to build equitable and inclusive economic opportunities, strengthen sustainability, and promote a healthy environment for all. For more information, visit 

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