Mayor Scott's Statement on Recent Youth Violence

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BALTIMORE, MD. (Wednesday, March 15, 2023) - Today, Mayor Brandon M. Scott issued the following statement regarding the recent incidents of youth violence.

"I am deeply disturbed about the increasing trend of young people resolving their conflicts with guns. As a leader, it is my responsibility to take action to protect our youth from violence. My office is committed to intervening directly with our young people and attacking the flow of illegal guns onto our streets. This year we have made significant progress in the fight against violence having seized 398 guns while seeing a 25% reduction in homicides and a 27%reduction in non fatal shootings.

Recently, I met with the Baltimore City Board of School Commissioners, City Schools, Baltimore City Health Department, MONSE, and other partners to reinvigorate our efforts to identify the youth most at risk of becoming victims or perpetrators of violence. In collaboration with the school board and city schools, we are implementing intensive case management to support not only the identified youth but also their families.

We have also launched a school-based violence intervention pilot program in three Baltimore City public schools: MERVO, Carver, and Digital Harbor High Schools. We are in the process of hiring specialists and deploying them to our schools, and we will closely monitor the impact of our intervention work to determine when and where to expand it.

It is important to acknowledge that while we have programs and partners in place, there is much more work to be done to ensure the safety of our young people. We must all come together as a community to tackle youth violence. I urge schools, coaches, churches, and community-based organizations to step up and mentor our youth, showing them that they have a bright future right here in Baltimore.

To the families - I'm sorry that you have to go through this. Baltimore, we have to work do. I will remain committed to finding solutions and will work nonstop to ensure the safety and well-being of our youth."

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