Mayor Scott's Statement on Juvenile Homicide

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BALTIMORE, MD. (Monday, March 6, 2023) - Today, Mayor Brandon M. Scott issued the following statement regarding the recent death of a Baltimore youth.

"Earlier today, I was on the scene of a homicide where another young person lost their life to gun violence. Each time a life is lost in Baltimore I feel a deep pain - a pain that only deepens when the life lost was a young person.

Today's loss is tremendous. Another family has lost a loved one; another community has lost a young life; and Baltimore has lost the potential that this young person could have poured into our City. And, while I'm angry and saddened about losing another young person - I am even more determined to do all that I can to stop this trend of youth violence we are seeing.

I want to speak directly to the young people of Baltimore.

You are destined to be great, but you have to find another way to resolve conflict. I want you all to grow into the best version of yourselves, and I will give every ounce of energy in my body to make sure our city provides you with every opportunity to do so. Each of you has the power to create your own narrative. You have the power to write the story of how Baltimore's young people changed our city for the better. But to see the change, you have to be the change. You must take stock of those around you - and ask yourself: Are they trying to go where you want to go? If your circle is not going where you're going - you need to make the tough decision to change your circle. If we are honest, we know that our friends, classmates, teammates, brothers and sisters are being murdered by people they once considered friends.

Considering the nature of this incident, MONSE will partner with City Schools to provide safety and trauma supports for students at Patterson Park High School.

As your Mayor, I am taking immediate actions to address youth violence in our city - and I ask each of you to join me in the fight to save the lives of our city's young people. Just over a month ago, I met with the Baltimore City Board of School Commissioners, Baltimore City Public Schools, Baltimore City Health Department, MONSE, community based partners and others to reignite our partnership to identify youth most at-risk of being victims and/or perpetrators of violence. In partnership with the School Board and City Schools, my Administration will conduct intensive case management to support youth that are identified as most in need of services, as well as their families.

In addition, we will continue the important work of addressing illegal guns. We will continue to go after those who perpetuate violence and those who sell and traffic weapons onto our streets. We will hold manufacturers who bypass gun laws accountable, because every part of this cycle of violence matters.

Baltimore, we will tackle this issue of gun violence - together."

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