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BALTIMORE, MD. (Friday, February 25, 2022) — Mayor Brandon M. Scott released the following statement in support of Baltimore's Sister City of Odesa, Ukraine.

"The City of Baltimore stands in solidarity with the people of Ukraine at home and abroad and we join leaders across the world in condemning Russia’s military actions against Ukraine.

Ukrainians have been a part of our city for generations. Today, many worry for the loved ones they may still have in Ukraine.

Our Ukrainian community began settling in Baltimore during the 1880s, especially in Highlandtown, Fells Point, and Patterson Park. During the early 1900s, many Ukrainian immigrants worked for steel- and glass-makers; what was previously the beating heart of the Baltimore economy. Many more fled to this city both during the first and second world war and came through not only Ellis Island but the Port of Baltimore as well.

Today, Baltimore continues to have ties with Ukraine through the Baltimore - Odesa Sister City Committee (BOSCC) established in 1974. Odesa is only 50 miles by water from Russian occupied Crimea. We are in communication with our sister City Odesa and will work to learn more information.

For the Ukrainian communities that have made Baltimore City their home, please know that we are committed to doing what we can to aid and support you during this difficult time."

Mayor Brandon M. Scott

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