Mayor’s Statement on Labor Agreement Reached with Fire Officers Union

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BALTIMORE, MD. (Friday, September 10, 2021) — After months of negotiations, the City of Baltimore and the Baltimore Fire Officers, IAFF Local 964, reached a settlement agreement for Fiscal Year 2021 - 2023. On Wednesday, membership overwhelmingly voted in favor of the agreement reached by the City and Local 964 leadership. This is the first labor agreement negotiated by the Scott administration and indicative of this administration’s commitment to work in partnership with labor. 

Statement from Mayor Brandon M. Scott: 

“I am proud to have reached an agreement in partnership with IAFF Local 964 that puts our officers first, makes Baltimore City more competitive region-wide, and gives parity across the ranks of the bargaining unit. Undoing some of the costly burdens and liabilities created by past agreements, this settlement reflects my commitment to working hand-in-hand with labor to reach mutually beneficial agreements that build a safer, healthier Baltimore.”

Statement from IAFF Local 964 President Josh Fannon:

“Today, the members of the Baltimore Fire Officers IAFF Local 964 voted to ratify a memorandum of understanding between themselves and the City of Baltimore for fiscal years 2021 through 2023.  This agreement provides the Fire Officers with our first pay increase in over three years.  Additionally, it addresses significant pay inequities that had existed for many years within our ranks because of contracts with previous administrations.  Finally, and perhaps most notably, it directly addresses significant pay disparities between our local and comparable surrounding jurisdictions.  

“This agreement rectifies inequity among our ranks and restores our competitiveness among similar fire departments throughout the State of Maryland.  We are very pleased with how Mayor Brandon Scott and his Executive Team heard our concerns, evaluated them, and remedied them head on, resulting in one of the most comprehensive contracts we have ever seen.  We have a renewed hope for the future and what we can achieve through open communication and collaborative collective bargaining with the Mayor and his administration.”

Statement from Baltimore City Administrator Christopher Shorter:

“I thank IAFF Local 964 for working in tandem with this administration on an agreement that affirms the value the Scott administration places on its workforce, while reducing the City’s liability. Agreements that make Baltimore more competitive help us recruit and retain quality public servants. This agreement is a clear signal of the Mayor’s commitment to solving the City’s challenges in partnership with labor.”

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