Mayor Announces Recommendations of 90-Day Work Group Tasked with Clarifying Travel and Notification Policy for City Officials

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BALTIMORE, MD (Wednesday, May 19, 2021) — Mayor Brandon M. Scott is announcing the recommendations of a 90-day work group that conducted a comprehensive review of the Baltimore City administrative manual in order to develop clear, consistent guidance for travel taken by elected officials. The proposed guidelines, which reflect changes to the City’s administrative manual, will be considered by the Board of Estimates at an upcoming meeting. 

The group focused on clarifying the approval process for elected official travel, the procedure for trips that do not require public dollars, and the definition of time off for elected officials who are not on a full-time schedule per the City Charter. 

“I established this work group to ensure all public officials receive clear and consistent guidance when it comes to travel and notification policy, once and for all,” said Mayor Scott. “Thanks to the thorough review of this group, these questions will be answered for any significant travel on City business undertaken by public officials going forward.”

“The recommended procedures for travel by public officials bring clarity to the rules and emphasize the importance of transparency – where officials are traveling, who is paying for it, and how much it costs – as well as accountability – how much time are officials spending away from Baltimore, doing what,” said City Solicitor Jim Shea. “All of this is consistent with Mayor Scott’s pledge to bring transparency and accountability to City government.”

Under the new proposed guidelines, all travel valued at more than $100 – paid for in whole or in part by third parties – must receive Board of Estimates approval. Public officials must disclose where they are going, the purpose and cost of the trip, and who is paying for it. Additionally, travel lasting for more than a week must also be approved by the Board of Estimates.

The work group, first established by the Mayor ninety days ago on February 18, included the City Administrator, City Solicitor, Director of Human Resources, and Director of Finance.

You can review the work group’s recommended changes to the administrative manual here

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