Mayor Scott Vetoes City Council Bill 21-0022 - Security Deposit Alternatives

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BALTIMORE, MD (Monday, May 17, 2021) — Tonight, after careful consideration, Mayor Brandon M. Scott issued a veto of City Council Bill 21-0022 - Security Deposit Alternatives and made the following statement: 

“After careful consideration, I have vetoed City Council Bill 21-0022. While I applaud Council Vice President Middleton’s commitment to supporting Baltimore tenants who are unable to afford a traditional security deposit, I simply cannot ignore the significant concerns over the security deposit insurance option in the legislation. This provision could potentially hurt the very people this bill seeks to help. In this case, the benefits of an installment plan for security deposits do not outweigh the potential costs of the security deposit insurance provision to already vulnerable residents. 

I am committed to continuing the work of providing Baltimore residents with the necessary tools and protections to obtain stable rental housing. I would like to work with the Council Vice President and members of the City Council to propose comprehensive changes that would work in the best interest of renters across Baltimore. Together, we can generate legislation that safeguards the rights of renters and makes an equitable impact.”

Read the Mayor’s veto letter of City Council Bill 21-0022 here.

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