Mayor Young Launches Clean It Up! Campaign

BALTIMORE, MD.  — Today, Mayor Bernard C. “Jack” Young was joined by department heads and agency leaders to launch the Clean It Up! Campaign. The campaign consists of eight data-informed cleaning initiatives that the city will collaborate with residents to implement. Mayor Young is committed to beautifying Baltimore and providing our residents and visitors with a cleaner city to enjoy. This is an all-hands-on-deck effort involving an acceleration of work by multiple city agencies, as well as new collaborations with our community partners.

“This new data-driven initiative will provide direction and accountability for our city’s cleaning efforts,” said Mayor Bernard C. “Jack” Young. “This is a bold and aggressive plan to tackle the city’s grime and trash and it will require community participation. We must work to end the culture of littering and dumping in our beloved city. The goal at the end of the initiative is to return to residents a clean Baltimore and partner with them to ensure its maintenance.”

Mayor Young is extremely excited to launch the Clean It Up! Campaign. Reducing crime and grime in Baltimore have been the mayor's top priorities since taking over in office last year and he is committed to exploring all options to bring relief for residents.

The following eight data-informed cleaning initiatives encompass the Clean It Up! Campaign:

  • Eliminate The Cleaning Backlog - Eliminating the backlog of key 311 cleaning service requests including street, alley and vacant lot cleaning - by April 1st to deliver on-time, equitable service to residents in 2020 and beyond. 
  • Hold Repeat Violators Accountable - Mayor Young is doubling down on enforcement measures to respond to the small number of people and businesses responsible for repeat sanitation violations such as illegal dumping.
  • Mayor Young’s Pothole Challenge - Mayor Young will be launching a 50 day pothole-filling challenge on February 12th.
  • Small Haulers Pilot - Mayor Young is piloting an expansion of the small haulers program to reduce barriers, and encourage more participation in this already successful program.
  • Care-A-Lot Expansion - Mayor Young is committing additional support to expand the Care-A-Lot program - which empowers communities to beautify their own neighborhoods.
  • Clean & Safe Communities - Mayor Young has directed CitiStat to review data and identify neighborhoods for focused cleaning and safety efforts.
  • Gateways Initiative - Cleaning efforts on 19 roads with the most traffic and the biggest cleanliness challenges.
  • Communities Pitch-In - Communities can now partner with the city to do community cleanups by submitting a service request.

Join Mayor Young in this collective of data-driven actions to make Baltimore a cleaner and safer city.

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