Mayor Pugh's Statement in Support of Senate Bill SB43

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BALTIMORE, MD.  — As we pursue our priority of attracting and retaining a new generation of men and women committed to community-based, constitutional policing, we believe it's necessary that those who police our community also be part of the community.  Toward this end, we are supporting legislation that requires all command staff of the Police Department - at captain level or above - to reside within the City limits of Baltimore. In the same way that all senior cabinet officials of my Administration are required to reside in the City, this requirement of Baltimore Police leadership furthers the commitment of senior public officials to being very much a part of the solutions we are working to create. We have no more important work than re-establishing trust between our police officers and residents of our City. Commissioner-designate Michael Harrison shares not only this view, but the same sense of urgency to this focus and work.

Mayor Catherine E. Pugh


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