Baltimore City Board of Estimates Considers Draft Procurement Regulations and Invites Public Comment

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BALTIMORE, MD.  — The Baltimore City Board of Estimates is asked to consider regulations on procurement and authorize a public comment period. The Proposed Regulations on Procurement, Protests, Minority and Women-owned Business Enterprise, and Debarment/Suspension are intended to enhance transparency in the City’s contracting and procurement process. The regulations can be accessed here. Public comments will be accepted through Friday, January 11, 2019.

The laws and policies governing procurement and contracting come from different sources and various agencies administer different pieces of the process. In addition to the City’s charter, procurement and contracting are governed by the City Code, Executive Orders, Board of Estimates resolutions, the Green Book (the construction and public works design guidelines), and the Administrative Manual (a collection of internal City policies governing operations). Given all of the different laws, policies, procedures, resolutions, and guidelines for procuring contracts, there is a need for comprehensive regulations, which incorporate all of the information into a single document. Other jurisdictions in Maryland already have such regulations. By having these regulations, contractors and vendors will be able to easily identify the process and standards by which bids or proposals are considered and evaluated.

“This will be especially impactful on smaller vendors who may not have the resources to effectively navigate the City’s complex procurement processes,” said Mayor Catherine E. Pugh. “These regulations are an important step in enhancing our procurement process and in making it easier and more predictable for vendors and contractors to do business with the City,” she said.

These proposed regulations are the result of extensive collaboration between the Mayor’s Office, the Office of the City Council President, the Office of the Comptroller, the Department of Public Works, the Law Department, and the Minority and Women owned Business Opportunity Office (MWBOO). Various other City agencies and offices have reviewed and provided input on these proposed regulations as well.

The regulations cover four major areas:

  1. Overall Procurement;
  2. Protests of Proposed Contract Awards;
  3. Minority and Women-Owned Business Enterprises; and
  4. Debarment and Suspension.

In addition to the regulations, the Board is considering two resolutions that pertain to professional services contracts and non-competitive procurements.

The regulations and resolutions can be accessed by going to

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