Mayor Rawlings-Blake Announces the Release of Smarter City Task Force Report

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Report identifies actions to enhance broadband assets through public-private engagement and coordination

BALTIMORE, Md. (June 19, 2015)—Today Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake released a draft of the Smarter City Task Force Report, which aims to help Baltimore enhance its use of broadband connectivity and the latest digital technology.

The task force report – which will be open for public comment for the next 30 days – focused on four critical areas: digital infrastructure, economic development, the digital divide, civic engagement and efficient government.

“While Baltimore has been at the cutting edge in some areas of technology, entrepreneurship and start-up companies, it was clear to me that more planning was needed to lay out a path for our city’s digital future,” Mayor Rawlings-Blake said. “I am grateful to the representatives of our government, business, and nonprofit sectors who invested their time and energy in putting together a thoughtful blueprint. I believe that their work will help all of Baltimore better integrate technology and innovative thinking into our city’s DNA.”

The task force was comprised of 27 representatives of the business, nonprofit and government sectors. The co-chairmen were Jason Hardebeck, Managing Director of Dreamit Ventures Baltimore, and Colin Tarbert, ‎Deputy Mayor of Economic and Neighborhood Development.

Within the 27-page report, some of the task force’s recommendations include:

  • Designation of a Coordinator to lead a collaborative effort with community stakeholders to implement a broadband plan for Baltimore;
  • Mapping all public, private and institutional fiber in Baltimore, with an eye toward identifying gaps for future projects;
  • Including spare conduit as part of major public works projects to provide for future broadband needs; 
  • Development of a city-wide “report card,” to be updated annually quantifying progress and providing a benchmark to measure Baltimore against other cities; and Creation of a committee of stakeholders who will help govern priorities and oversee implementation of task force recommendations.

The draft of the complete Smarter City Task Force report is available at

Comments on the report can be submitted to by July 19, 2015.

Once the comment period is closed, all comments will be reviewed and considered by the task force prior to the issuance of a final report.

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