Mayor Rawlings-Blake, Commissioner Bealefeld Report 2011 Crime Reduction

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Homicide total reaches second lowest level on record, lowest since 1977;Shootings & overall violent crime decline in 2011.

Mayor says reductions in violence will help Baltimore achieve goal of growing the City by 10,000 families over the next ten years.

Today, Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake and Police Commissioner Frederick H. Bealefeld, III announced continued reductions in crime and violence during 2011. Throughout the year, Baltimore experienced continued declines in several serious crime categories including homicides, shootings and overall violent crime. Homicides, down 12% in 2011, reached the second lowest level on record and the lowest level since 1977. Gun-related homicides declined 13%, non-fatal shootings declined 9%, and overall violent crime declined 6% over last year—a 43% decrease since 2000.

“I would like to personally thank Commissioner Bealefeld, the men and women of the Baltimore Police Department, and our federal and state partners for their strong and sustained efforts to reduce crime in Baltimore,” said Mayor Rawlings-Blake. “It is not a time to celebrate, but it is also not a time to be cynical. Baltimore is making real progress. We can be a safer City by acknowledging the progress, building on it, and by doing more.”

“These significant reductions in violence will help us achieve our goal of growing Baltimore by 10,000 families over the next ten years,” Mayor Rawlings-Blake continued. “Commissioner Bealefeld and I are committed to doing more to reduce crime and violence including; investing in crime camera technology, adding new foot patrols in targeted neighborhood commercial corridors, and by continuing the fight against violent repeat offenders and illegal guns.”

“I would like to thank Mayor Rawlings-Blake for investing in our strategy, especially in these difficult times when resources are diminished,” added Commissioner Bealefeld. “The men and women of the BPD have worked harder than ever to make Baltimore’s neighborhoods safer for our citizens. We are also very grateful for all the unprecedented cooperation with state and federal agencies and all of our criminal justice partners that will help us continue to reduce violent crime in Baltimore.”

Mayor Rawlings-Blake and Commissioner Bealefeld provided a preliminary detail of year-end crime statistics for 2011:
  • Overall Violent crime is down 6%.
  • Homicide is down 12%. There were 27 fewer homicides in 2011 than 2010. It is the lowest total since 1977—a 34-year low. It is also the second lowest level since the City began tracking the total in 1970. Homicides have declined 17% over the last two years and 30% since 2007.
  • Gun related homicide is down 13%. Last year, 171 homicides were committed with a gun. This year, there have been 150 homicides committed with a gun–a 13% decrease.
  • Shootings are down 9%. There have been 381 non-fatal shootings this year. It is the fewest number of shootings recorded since the City started tracking them in 2000—a 47% decrease since 2000.
  • Juvenile violence has significantly declined. There have been 14 juvenile homicides and 28 juvenile shootings this year. Juvenile homicides are down nearly 50% since 2007 and juvenile shootings are down 70% since 2007. Juvenile arrests are down 25% since last year and down 60% since 2006.
  • Total crime (Part I) is up 1%. This is a 41% decrease compared to 2000. 
  • Property crime is up 4%. This is a 40% decrease compared to 2000. This year’s increase in property crimes is related to an increase in burglaries and larcenies from auto compared to last year.
  • Over 50% of homicide suspects have prior gun arrests. (90% of homicide suspects have criminal histories, 36% have domestic violence histories and 40% are on parole or probation.)
  • Gun arrests are level with last year. The BPD has made over 1200 gun arrests and recovered over 2000 guns.
  • There were 237 repeat violent offenders charged federally through EXILE – an 8% increases and more than any previous year.
  • Citywide arrests continue to decline and are down 6% from last year. Arrests are down 30% since 2007. BPD made 25,000 less arrests this year than in 2007. Releases without charges are down 70% compared to last year. Only 4% of suspects arrested this year were released without charges.
  • 010112 Year End Crime Charts.pdf

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