Mayor Rawlings-Blake’s Tribute to William Donald Schaefer

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Today at 5:00 p.m., Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake delivered the following remarks to welcome former Mayor William Donald Schaefer to City Hall.

“Good evening and thank you Dr. Reid.

On behalf of the people of Baltimore, I would like to extend my sincere condolences to the family, friends and former colleagues of William Donald Schaefer who have joined us.

Tonight, we gather to receive and honor one of Baltimore's greatest citizens. A leader who changed the face of this shining City of people. A man who became "Baltimore's believer" and inspired a city, and a state to do the same.

Tonight, he comes home to Baltimore.

William Donald Schaefer was a man of quick wit, sound determination and was full of heart. His deep emotions and passion for Baltimore drove him to accomplish greatness not for himself, but for the City.

For Baltimore and for All American Cities.

Some may say that the end of his life marks the end of the era.

We say no.

His spirit and unwavering commitment to Baltimore's potential and his belief that her best days are always ahead, lives on. This spirit lives on in each of us as public servants who carry on his work and for the citizens who carry on his faith in a better City.

The people's work and the people's faith begins anew each day.

William Donald Schaefer understood that Baltimore's future comes one day at a time, and with each new day comes a new challenge to overcome, a new opportunity to embrace and drive forward, and, a new future to shape and make our own.

Some see a City filled with landmarks, public investments and buildings that William Donald Schaefer made possible. But Mayor Schaefer saw things differently. He saw a shining City made of people who made the unrealistic become a reality and the impossible become possible.

Mayor Schaefer led us and watched as the people of Baltimore accomplished greatness.

Tonight, the Citizens of Baltimore are lining the sidewalks outside of this historic building to say goodbye to this man.

These citizens know that William Donald Schaefer defined the word Mayor.

He will always be our mayor.

As we pay our respects and say goodbye, William Donald Schaefer is watching, waiting and wanting to see what the people of Baltimore will do next to achieve greatness.

Thank you and God bless you Mayor William Donald Schaefer.”

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