Mayor Rawlings-Blake Announces Launch of Effort to Revitalize Major City Corridors

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Mayor Rawlings-Blake Announces Launch of Effort to Revitalize Major City Corridors

Leveraging Investments in Neighborhood Corridors (LINCS) strategy will initially focus on five heavily trafficked corridors
BALTIMORE, Md. (July 29, 2015)—Today, Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake announced the launch of the Leveraging Investments in Neighborhood Corridors strategy, an effort focusing on revitalizing the major corridors that connect Baltimore City’s neighborhoods and communities.

LINCS will aim to enhance both the aesthetics and the economic vitality of these key gateways, with an eye toward ensuring that these commercial corridors better reflect the strength of their surrounding and supporting communities.

“These corridors play such a critical role in shaping both the perception and the reality of adjacent communities,” said Mayor Rawlings-Blake. “Under the LINCS model, we will leverage existing city programs, combined with other initiatives launched by my administration, to maximize the many unique strengths of each of these corridors.”

Coordinated through the Baltimore City Planning Department, LINCS will identify a team for each corridor, consisting of a design planner, transportation planner, commercial market analyst and Baltimore Housing representative.

While the teams perform assessments, they will engage with area civic, business and community partners to develop and implement strategic actions focused on improving the areas of economic development; land use and zoning; transportation; public safety and health; and sanitation.

LINCS will initially be piloted in five heavily trafficked corridors within the City of Baltimore:

  • Greenmount Avenue, from Eager Street to 29th Street
  • Liberty Heights Boulevard, from Druid Park Drive to Northern Parkway
  • Central Avenue, from East Fayette Street to Fleet Street
  • East North Avenue, from Greenmount Avenue to Belair Road
  • Pennsylvania Avenue, from North Fulton Avenue to Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard

As the LINCS strategy is fine-tuned, it is expected that the effort will be expanded to additional corridors.

For more information on LINCS, email [email protected].

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