Baltimore Means Business

Mayor Pugh is determined that the richness of Baltimore's heritage and cultural districts like Park Heights, Sandtown-Winchester, CARE and Cherry Hill will be catlytic in Baltimore’s next Renaissance.

Baltimore is truly undergoing a renaissance that is altering untapped industrial spaces into anchors of innovation where Baltimoreans and visitors alike can live, work and play.

The centerpiece of downtown Baltimore has always been the world-famous Inner Harbor, and 2017 brings even more developments and new experiences from the waterfront to the heart of city neighbohoods.

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Video Courtesy of the Baltimore Development Corporation

Named one of the 6 U.S. Cities to Watch in 2017 by Condé Nast Traveler, Baltimore has experienced one of the largest millennial booms in the nation and the resurgence is vibrantly visible in the city’s eclectic communities, marked by new food halls, breweries, and boutiques popping up around every corner.

Today Baltimore is embracing a marked transformation to its skyline and street-level experience, evolving its urban fabric to infuse today’s trends and interests. This urban renaissance combined with Baltimore’s rich history, architecture and world-class museums makes for an incredibly authentic, yet new, residential and visitor experience.

To learn about community development intitiatives and opportunities in Baltimore visit:

The Baltimore's Department of Housing and Community Development

The Baltimore Development Corporation



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Mayor Catherine E. Pugh's Year-End, Year-Ahead Message

As we prepare to draw the curtain on 2017, I want to talk to you a moment about what we have all been through together and what we must work to achieve in the coming year. 

Let me be clear - we have endured too much violence, too much pain and sorrow - too much loss. Our hearts ache for the families and loved ones left behind by young lives snatched by gunshot on our streets. Our hearts ache for the young and old alike who are trapped in places where violence is a way of life. Our hearts ache for our City - a truly great City - whose identity has been defined by these tragedies for too long.