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WHEREAS, the City of Baltimore, its citizens, businesses, and visitors, all benefit from improvements to multi-modal transportation in the City; and

WHEREAS, enhanced bicycle facilities and infrastructure, along with increased availability of bicycles through programs such as bikeshare, are important components of a City commitment to multi-modal transportation and transportation equity and

WHEREAS, bicycling also provides numerous health and recreational benefits and thereby contributes to overall quality of life for citizens and visitors alike; and

WHEREAS, the Mayor's Bicycle Advisory Commission was initially established by Executive Order on March 25, 2015, and has since helped accelerate and advance Baltimore's commitment to bicycling as a viable form of alternative transportation and as a recreational activity; and

WHEREAS, the continued existence of the Commission is essential to bring together City agencies, non-profits, the business community, and other City representatives in a cooperative planning and implementation process to ensure successful implementation of the City's Bicycle Master Plan, most recently updated in March 2015;

Now therefore, I, CATHERINE E. PUGH, Mayor of the City of Baltimore, by virtue of the authority vested in me, do hereby issue the following Executive Order:


  1. There is a Mayor's Bicycle Advisory Commission ("Commission")
  2. The Commission's purpose is to serve in an advisory capacity to the Mayor's Office and City Departments on issues related to promoting bicycling as a safe and convenient form of transportation and recreation.
  3. Membership.
    1. The Commission is comprised of 12 members:
      1. a representative of a business community;
      2. a representative of the architectural, engineering or urban design industry;
      3. a representative of the bicycling community;
      4. a community representative;
      5. a member at large, who shall be chairperson of the Commission;
      6. a representative from the Office of the Mayor, as designed by the Mayor, who shall be vice-chairperson of the
      7. a representative of the City Council, as designed by the City Council President;
      8. a representative of the Planning Department as designed by that Department's Director;
      9. two representatives of the Department of Transportation, as designed by that Department's Director;
        1. one with expertise in planning bicycle facilities or activities; and
        2. one with expertise in traffic engineering;
      10. a representative of the Baltimore City Police Department as designated by the Police Commissioner;
      11. a representative of the Department of Recreation and Parks, as designed by that Department's Director.
    2. Members appointed by the Mayor shall serve terms concurrent with the term of the Mayor. At the end of the term, as appointed member continues to serve until a successor is appointed and qualifies.  A member appointed to fill a vacancy arising during any term serves only for the remainder of that term.
      1. Members may not receive any compensation for their services, but may be reimbursed for reasonable expenses incurred in the performance of duties, in accordance with the City of Baltimore policy set forth in the Administrative Manual and as provided in the City budget.
      2. The Commission may appoint, from the Commission membership, any other officers they consider necessary or appropriate.
    3. Quorum. A majority of members constitutes a quorum for the transaction of any business before the Commission.
  4. The Commission shall:
    1. coordinate among City agencies the implementation and biennial updating of the Bicycle Master Plan;
    2. provide guidance and advice on policies, designs, trends and opportunities that support bicycling in the City;
    3. advocate for the prioritization of capital funding for facilities service bicyclists as well as operating support;
    4. advise on the adoption of the Urban Bikeway Design Guide of the National Association of City Transportation Officials ("NACTO") and other NACTO standards on bicycling as well as other best practices; and
    5. take any other action to promote safe bicycling throughout the City.
  5. Meetings of the Commission shall be subject to the Maryland Open Meeting Act.

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