Board of School Commissioners


Mayor Brandon M. Scott is seeking candidates to serve on the Baltimore City Board of School Commissioners ("Board"). The Board is responsible for raising the level of academic achievement of the students enrolled in Baltimore City Public Schools, improving the management and administration of the city’s public school system, and is held accountable for the academic achievement of the public school students in Baltimore City.

Regular public meetings of the Board are held on the second and fourth Tuesday of each month. Commissioners are also required to attend committee meetings several times each month; these meetings are often held during normal business hours. Commissioners are appointed for three year terms of office and receive no financial compensation for their service on the Board.

The search for two new commissioners opens Monday September 26th  and the recruitment and application window runs through Monday, October 31st  at which point an application review by the Mayor’s Office of Children and Family Success begins, followed by interviews with a community panel that will make recommendations for mayoral consideration and selection. The Mayor then interviews the candidates recommended for consideration by the community panel and makes his appointment decision(s).

To be eligible for appointment, candidates must be residents of Baltimore City and be at least 18 years of age. Additionally, one or more of the following qualifications is preferred, especially number 1 as we are currently looking to fill a management vacancy on the board:

  1. Knowledge and expertise concerning the successful administration of a large business, non-profit, or governmental entity and have served in a high level management position within such an entity.
  2. Knowledge and expertise concerning education.
  3. Have a child enrolled in the Baltimore City Public Schools as of the date of appointment.
  4. Knowledge of or have experience in the education of children with disabilities. This knowledge or experience may be derived from being a parent of a child with a disability.

Other desired criteria candidates should consider highlighting in their application if/when relevant: 

  • Commitment to Equity 
  • Courageous leadership (e.g. puts interest of students first; appreciation for public accountability)
  • Collaborative, willingness to embrace diverse perspectives 
  • Experience building partnerships and/or community engagement
  • Commitment to and/or knowledge of Baltimore City Public Schools
  • Collaborative, willingness to embrace diverse perspectives 
  • Courageous leadership (e.g. puts interest of students first; appreciate for public accountability)
  • Experience with fiscal complexities and organizational oversight
  • Attended Baltimore City Public Schools
  • Has previous board experience and/or board training (student government or leadership associations count)
  • Brings a unique perspective to the school board

The Mayor’s Office of Children & Family Success will hold a Board of School Commissioners Information Session on Thursday, September 29th from 5:00-7:00pm for those who are interested in learning more about the commissioner role and expectations, and to hear from current commissioners about their experiences on the Board of Commissioners.   (Teams link here:​​)

To apply, interested individuals must submit the following information by October 31st.