Board of Licensing for Towing Services


Board Information

Name Board of Licensing for Towing Services
Function Board of Licenses for Towing Services is a group of representatives from a variety of City Agencies, private sector business, and persons representing the community. The purpose of the Board is to hear and decide specific issues arising out of tows from private property. The Board also regulates private property towing practices. In addition, the Board has the authority to license tow truck companies performing towing services from private property located in Baltimore City
Composition Board of Licensing for Towing Services
City Council Approval Yes
Legal Authority Baltimore City Code Article 15 § 22-2
Liason/Executive Director Name Tonya Simmons
Liason/Executive Director Phone 410-396-2604
Liason/Executive Director Email



Position Member Name Time in Office
Chair Tonya Simmons, Dept of Transportation 12/01/2021
City Council Representative Antonio Glover 04/14/2021
Harry Mayo  Towing Industry Representative 12/10/2021
Thomas Akras Citizen at Large 12/10/2021
Carla Nealy Finance Department 12/01/2021
Lt. Charles James BPD Representative 12/01/2021
Vacant Property Management Representative TBD