Parking Tickets

We are currently experiencing a larger than normal backlog for the data entry of paper parking citations issued during the outage of the electronic ticketing system (the City has been issuing paper citations only since May 6).

Any citation issued since May 6th will ultimately appear online and we will make a public announcement once the backlog is addressed.

The clock does not start to run for penalties and trial requests until a citation is entered into system so the Bureau of Revenue Collections is advising citizens to wait to pay citations or request trials (via mail) until the citation appears online.


No late fees for the months of May, June and July should appear once your citation once it is available to pay online.

If you feel you were assessed late fees in error please email [email protected]

If you do not want to wait for the citation to appear online in order to pay or request a trial there are two options:

  1. Come to Room 2 of the Abel Wolman Building, 200 N. Holiday Street to pay the fine or request a trial. They will enter the citation into the system onsite and they are now accepting credit/debit payments.
  2. You may mail in payment for your citation immediately using a CERTIFIED CHECK made out to THE DIRECTOR OF FINANCE

City of Baltimore
Attn: Parking Fines
P.O. Box 13327
Baltimore, MD 21203

To request a trial by mail prior your citation being entered into the system please fill out the bottom rear section of your citation and mail it to:

Attn: Parking Fines
200 N. Holliday Street
Baltimore, MD 21202