African-American Music Appreciation Month - June 2017

WHEREAS, since 1979, the month of June has been designated to appreciate the musical, artistic, and economic contributions of African American musicians, composers, performers  and songwriters; and
WHEREAS, African Americans are credited for having a profound impact on the American music industry; their involvement in our nation’s music-making has influenced every genre of “American” music; and
WHEREAS, the musical culture that African Americans brought to this country has been the single most important influence on 20th century music in the United States; blues, gospel, ragtime and jazz were the just beginnings of a tremendous transformation; and
WHEREAS, as a community we need to support black music, teach it in schools, and celebrate its past and future; and 
WHEREAS, today, the Mayor’s Office encourages everyone to recognize African American music as a vital part of America’s culture and heritage! Enjoy today’s free concert!

THEREFORE, I, Catherine E. Pugh, Mayor of the City of Baltimore, do hereby proclaim June 2017, as “AFRICAN AMERICAN MUSIC APPRECIATION MONTH,” in Baltimore and do urge all citizens to join in this celebration!

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, I have hereunto set the Great Seal of the City of Baltimore to be affixed this seventh day of June, two thousand seventeen.