Statement on Governor Hogan's Crime Announcement

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Brandon M. Scott
Baltimore City
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Jack French
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BALTIMORE, MD (Friday, October 15, 2021) — Mayor Brandon M. Scott released the following statement in response to Governor Hogan's afternoon announcement:

 “Governor Hogan’s persistent reliance on uninformed rhetoric understates the value of ongoing comprehensive public safety efforts under my leadership. Tackling violence in Baltimore requires vast coordination among state and federal partners, not tactless finger pointing. I’m reminded of this fact every time a homicide victim is found wearing an ankle monitor, or law enforcement apprehends a murder suspect only to arrest them again months later for an illegal handgun.

“Reducing violence remains my top priority and a primary objective for my administration. In the last 90 days, the Baltimore Police Department has recovered 553 crime guns and cleared over 220 violent crime cases for murders, nonfatal shootings, and robberies alone. Despite this progress, leaders must recognize that police departments alone cannot tackle gun violence. 

“Baltimore welcomes additional resources for public safety programs like Crime Stoppers and Main Streets Maryland. But given the State’s $2.5 billion surplus, the Department of Public Safety and Correctional Services — which remains severely understaffed — should have also received adequate funding. 

“Simply dispensing money will not solve anything unless that investment is met with real leadership, accountability, and the willingness to make tough decisions.”

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