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Mima en Español: Programas de Incentivos para la compra de casa en la Ciudad de Baltimore

Una de las metas de la alcaldesa ha sido apoyar y crear programas de incentivos o becas para personas que quieran comprarse una casa en la Ciudad de Baltimore. Esta iniciativa es parte de su meta de crecer la ciudad y de proveer la oportunidad de cumplir el sueño americano de comprarse una casa.

Baltimore Food Hub Breaks Ground in Broadway East

The Baltimore Food Hub project is a $23.5 million historic renovation project situated on a 3.5-acre campus in Baltimore’s Broadway East community. It will create dozens of jobs, bring new life to a brownfield site in a is invested urban area, and provide opportunities for microenterprise, workforce development, education, and economic opportunity. The campus will include teaching and commercial production kitchens, space for food manufacturing, job training, an urban farming operation and an all-season market. By clustering food-related uses in a single campus, the project links East Baltimore to Maryland’s food manufacturing economy.

OpenWorks: Center for the creative arts community opens in Baltimore

OpenWorks will provide 150 individual micro-studios for designing, assembling, and finishing projects and products created in these facilities. Instruction in the safe and proper use of these sophisticated production technologies; workshops in advanced product design and fabrication; and classes in entrepreneurship, accounting, project financing, and product marketing for artists, designers, and craftspersons will be offered in dedicated classrooms and within the specialized shops and studios. 

Baltimore’s Public Confederate Monuments Report

Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake announced the release of a report on the findings of Baltimore City-owned public Confederate Monuments that lays the groundwork to address the recommendations for the

¿Cómo obtener un reporte de Policía en la Ciudad de Baltimore?

En los últimos meses muchas personas me han preguntado información acerca del proceso de adquirir un reporte de policía en la Ciudad de Baltimore.Mima Blog

Formulario 309

¡Este formulario NO ES un reporte de policía!

Este formulario le indica que un reporte ha sido tomado por el agente de policía.

Se lo utiliza para ofrecerle a la victima el nombre del Oficial que tomo el reporte y el número de reporte. El cual es necesario para adquirir una copia del reporte de policía (este numero esta bajo “Complaint No”

¿Que hacer cuando la Policía Detiene mientras conduce?

Existen distintas razones por las cuales la policía le puede detener a usted.

Cualquiera que sea la razón, el oficial necesita su cooperación.

  • Es posible que usted haya cometido una infracción de tráfico.
  • Es posible que usted llene la descripción de un sospechoso.
  • Es posible que el oficial crea que usted se encuentra en un aprieto y necesita ayuda.
  • Es posible que usted haya sido testigo de un crimen.

June Newsletter

On June 14th, MIMA hosted a panel discussion on Workforce Development and New American Communities. The event included presentations from the Welcoming Center for New Pennsylvanians, WES Global Talent Bridge/IMPRINT and the Baltimore RISE Program. The event discussed topics ranging from creating economic opportunities for newly arrived immigrants, building opportunities for skilled immigrants and Baltimore City’s efforts to increase access to employment for refugees and immigrants. These presentations were possible thanks to the partnership and support of the Welcoming Communities Campaign, an initiative by the White House Task Force on New Americans, which was established in 2014 with the goal of integrating immigrants and refugees into American communities. Through this partnership, cities, such as Baltimore, have access to national experts and information on a series of topics impacting New Americans and receive technical assistance to further support their integration efforts.

Este mes las Alcaldesa Stephanie Rawlings-Blake en conjunto con el Comisionado de Policía Kevin Davis, condujeron un foro comunitario bilingüe de seguridad en la Ciudad de Baltimore. Durante el foro pudimos escuchar las preocupaciones de muchos de nuestro

Este mes las Alcaldesa Stephanie Rawlings-Blake en conjunto con el Comisionado de Policía Kevin Davis, condujeron un foro comunitario bilingüe de seguridad en la Ciudad de Baltimore. Durante el foro pudimos escuchar las preocupaciones de muchos de nuestros residentes Latinos. El Departamento de Policía pudo ofrecer los siguientes consejos para minimizar las oportunidades en la que una persona pueda convertirse en victima de crimen.

The American Dream is Real

America’s foundation was built on the vision of individuals who risked everything to start anew. The idea that one could arrive in the United States with little to nothing and build a life fueled an insurgence of entrepreneurs from across the globe. The “American Dream” is real, and Baltimore’s small business community is a magnet for the minds that are driving innovation and technology in varying industries nationwide.

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‘Every Day I Find New Reasons to Be Proud of You’

My love for you is unlike any other, and as I sit here writing you a letter I can only think of how much joy you bring to my life every day. I love everything about you. I love that you want to wear jeans under a bridesmaid dress. I love that you are competitive yet kind. I love that you have friendships that will last a lifetime, and one day I hope you count me as one.