Communities in Motion


Originally posted in The Rawlings-Blake Review, Issue #197

Schools are a key ingredient for a thriving economy, helping to lift many of our residents out of poverty. And they are anchors for communities that are working to grow for generations to come.

In Baltimore we have accomplished something most other cities in America can only dream of. We’ve secured a BILLION dollar investment for rebuilding and modernizing schools all across our city through the 21st Century School Buildings Plan. But when the history is written about this transformative period of change for education in Baltimore City, it will be noted that the Waverly community was a trailblazer!

This week, I attended the ribbon cutting for the new Waverly Elementary/Middle School—one of the first completely new schools built in our city in decades. The Waverly community has been fighting for years to make this school a reality. Residents and community leaders in Waverly came together and demanded better for their children, and I cannot commend them enough for all their hard work.

Baltimore needs this determination and grit—residents who are bold, honest, and courageous in their efforts to keep this city that we love moving forward. In our efforts to grow Baltimore by 10,000 families, we are focused on making our city an attractive destination for new residents and a better place to live for those who have called our city home for decades.

I am constantly gratified to see residents who are passionate about their communities and are taking action—residents like those who attended last night’s Eastern District Public Safety Forum at the American Brewery Building. There was a strong turnout at the event, and I want to thank everyone who attended. Each of these citizens demonstrated interest and a motivation to make our Baltimore communities safer.

Last year, Baltimore saw a 300% increase in residents calling in to report tips to the police. That is amazing! Citizen participation is critical to the success of our fight against crime. Public safety is about more than just law enforcement. It is about communities in motion, moving together toward a brighter future.

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