Curfew Ordinance & Youth Connection Centers


Curfew Ordinance & Youth Connection Centers


MYTH: Youth Connection Centers are like "youth jails" where curfew violators will be "held".
FACT: YCCs are a partnership between Baltimore City Recreation & Parks and the Mayor's Office of Criminal Justice. YCCs provide recreational opportunities, as well as services such as mentoring, tutoring, nutrional programming and needs assessment. Eventually, youth and families will be welcome to drop in to these one-stop shops for all youth-related services.

MYTH: The curfew amounts to house arrest for youth.
FACT: Children playing on the sidewalk next to their homes or being supervised by an adult are not in violation of the curfew. There are also exceptions for traveling to and from work, recreational and other constructive activities. A number of other exceptions are contained in the ordinance.

MYTH: The curfew will force recreation programs already in progress to end early to accomodate YCC youth.
FACT: City agencies will work with these providers to ensure that youth involved in positive activities are supervised and provided safe transportation. Additionally, police will be aware of such activities and allow for youth traveling to and from these activities.

MYTH: The curfew will increase negative interactions between police and youth.
FACT: Officers with the Baltimore City Police Department are undergoing trainings on unbiased policing and youth strategies for law enforcement.


Parents and guardians are responsible for a child's welfare and safety, this includes knowing where the child is during curfew. Parents of children who violate curfew may be subject to citations or fines which can be waived through completion at a family counseling session. YCC staff will work with families to identify available services at minimal cost.


  • In case of daytime curfew violation, youth will be transported to their school or home. A parent or guardian will be informed of the violation.
  • In case of nighttime curfew violation, youth will be transported to a Youth Connection Center (YCC), where they will be provided a safe, engaging and healthy environment, including recreational activities, to wait for a parent or guardian.
  • If no parent, guardian or adult relative can be located, or if no one arrives to take charge of the young person by 4 a.m., they will either be returned home (if a parent or guardian has been contacted) or referred to Baltimore City Department of Social Services (DSS).
  • If child is under 13 years old upon arrival at a YCC, the child will be referred to Baltimore City DSS.