Thank you for your interest in being considered for an appointment to a position in the Baltimore City government. This webpage provides information on positions available for appointment, as well as the application forms to apply. The City of Baltimore has a variety of boards and commissions offering an excellent opportunity for residents and individuals to volunteer their services on significant matters. Boards and commissions may be fiduciary, regulatory, policy-setting, and/or advisory. In all cases, members' contributions are invaluable to the Mayor, the City Council, and the City.

Current Vacancies:

Wage Commission

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Community Relations Commission

1 vacancy

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Mayor's Commission on Disabilities

21 vacancies

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Civilian Review Board

5 vacancies for Southeastern, Southern, Southwestern, Northwestern, and Eastern

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City of Baltimore Employee’s and Elected Officials’ Retirement Systems Board of Trustees

2 vacancies

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Adult Public Guardianship Review Boards

2 vacancies

  • 2 physicians, including 1 psychiatrist from a local health department that employs psychiatrists; or 1 physician’s assistant, nurse practitioner, or physician who is not a psychiatrist; and 1 psychiatrist

Environmental Control Board

2 vacancies

  • a solid waste expert;
  • a small business representative

Board of School Commissioners

3 vacancies

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To apply for a position click here.  If you are applying for the Board of School Commissioners, it has a different application.  Click here to apply for that.