Pimlico Community Development Authority


Board Information

Name Pimlico Community Development Authority
Function The Pimlico Community Development Authority (PCDA) is an advisory group established by State legislation to provide community input on how slots funding is allocated in the Pimlico area. Slots revenue, in the form of Local Impact Aid, is available from the state for jurisdictions that have casino facilities. Through an annual spending plan, Local Impact Aid (slots funding) is available primarily for capital purposes benefitting economic and community development. The funding is designated for the Park Heights Master Plan area and the surrounding neighborhoods (1 mile radius: Northwest Community Planning Forum SNAP, Liberty-Wabash area, and Coldspring Newton).
City Council Approval No
Legal Authority Chapter 603 of 2005
Liason/Executive Director Name James Ashford
Liason/Executive Director Phone 410-396-2929
Liason/Executive Director Email pcda@baltimorecity.gov



Membership information forthcoming.