Baltimore Public Markets Corporation


Board Information

Name Baltimore Public Markets Corporation and Lexington Market, Incorporated
Function The city of Baltimore currently has six public markets across the city. The Baltimore Public Market System is the oldest continuously operating public market system in the United States. Today, the markets are administered by two non-profit organizations - Lexington Market, Incorporated and Baltimore Public Markets Corporation.  
Composition Baltimore Public Markets Corporation
City Council Approval No
Legal Authority Articles of Incorporation Filed: (BPMC) 12/30/1994, (LMI) 10/30/1979
Liason/Executive Director Name Bennice Thayer
Liason/Executive Director Phone 410-685-6169
Liason/Executive Director Email



Position Member Name Term Started Term Expires Appointed By
Chair Colin Tarbert      
President Paul Ruppert      
Treasurer Jennell Rogers      
Member Arnold Williams      
Member Barb Clapp      
Member James Hughes      
Member John Pezzula      
Member John Weiss      
Member Joshua Neiman      
Member Thomas Akras