Mayoral Initiatives

Baltimore: A Monumental City

Baltimore contributed to the building of America. Our city prevailed while others were crushed. 

When President John Quincy Adams made a toast in 1827 to Baltimore, the monumental city, his words were genuine and a testament to the importance of Baltimore in our nation’s growing history. 

Generations of families continue to build on their own legacy in our great city. Anchor institutions are expanding further into neighborhoods, creating more jobs and community benefits. Businesses start here and build iconic brands.  Baltimore continues to come together, breaking down silos in order to work together in united efforts to be greater still. 

We know how to move our city forward – which keeps Baltimore relevant, interesting and the reason why over 14 million people visit our inner harbor every year. 

From the quirky to the refined, Baltimore’s personality is specific, unique, and special. Whether you are here for the largest free art event in the nation or to seek medical attention at some of the world’s finest medical institutions, Baltimore conforms and accepts everyone. We are a gracious and welcoming city. We are monumental.


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Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake 

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Better Schools and Youth Opportunities

Public educational and recreational opportunities are the cornerstone of a growing city. Families have a fundamental right to access a good education in quality school buildings.

Safer Streets

Public safety is important to citizens, businesses, and communities. Providing for public safety is a core responsibility of any city and is critical in attracting and retaining families to Baltimore's neighborhoods.

Stronger Neighborhoods

Baltimore is a city of neighborhoods—the foundation of the City’s future prosperity. The Rawlings-Blake Administration draws its strength from working to make sure that every neighborhood is making progress.

Growing Economy

Baltimore is blessed to be home to many assets that serve as engines of economic activity, creating jobs for all skill levels. Mayor Rawlings-Blake is taking advantage of these assets—forging partnerships and collaboration, working toward a common goal of improved economic situation and quality of life for Baltimore’s people.

Cleaner and Healthier City

Making Baltimore's communities healthier and more livable is a priority for Mayor Rawlings-Blake. The administration is working to overcome a number of health and enviornmental challenges faced by Baltimore's communities.

Innovative Government

Mayor Rawlings-Blake has worked to turn Baltimore’s narrative from a story of decline to a story of growth. Rather than waiting for a  financial crisis to occur before taking action, the mayor worked to put the city on sound footing—ahead of many other cities in America.

The Mayor's Medallion for Meritorious Service

The Mayor's Medallion for Meritorious Service award was established to formally recognize Baltimore City employees who have gone above and beyond the call of duty.