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I am committed to steadfast police reform.

I know there are concerns about the status of the city's police reform negotiations with the Department of Justice (DOJ) and what the forthcoming presidential administration change means for Baltimore's consent decree. Ensuring that every single citizen feels safe and secure in his or her neighborhood is the single most important objective of my administration. Rest assured, I am committed to steadfast police reform.

Mayor Pugh's Statement on Creating Safe Spaces for Artists in Baltimore

Just days before the start of my administration, artists who worked and lived in the Bell Foundry were displaced as a result of housing and code violations. This disproportionately impacted artists of color and members of the LGBTQ community, who rely on spaces like the Bell Foundry for practical and cultural value. While public safety is a non-negotiable imperative, I also recognize the intrinsic value of DIY-spaces – which offer resources that artists, especially emerging artists, need.


Información útil tras el resultado de las elecciones presidenciales

Después de las elecciones presidenciales, es posible que usted y los miembros de su familia tengan niveles altos de ansiedad y temor.

Sabemos que esta época puede ser difícil, pero la Oficina del Alcalde de Asuntos de los Inmigrantes y Multiculturales (MIMA) está comprometido a estar junto a usted y hacer todo lo posible para asegurar que como residente de Baltimore se sienta seguro y valorado.

Investing in a Safer, Strong Baltimore: A Model for the President's Approach to Working with Cities

In the spring of 2015, the White House established a special Taskforce for Baltimore City. The Taskforce was charged with marshalling Federal funds, programs, and expertise to address some of the city’s social and economic challenges, like violent crime, high levels of unemployment and limited economic opportunity in low-income neighborhoods. 

Mayor Catherine E. Pugh and Governor Larry Hogan Announces Project C.O.R.E. Awardees in Baltimore City

Mayor Catherine E. Pugh and Governor Larry Hogan today announced awardees for demolition funds through Project C.O.R.E., or Creating Opportunities for Renewal and Enterprise, a multi-year city-state partnership to demolish vacant and derelict buildings in Baltimore and replace them with green space or create the foundation for redevelopment in Baltimore City. 

Mima en Español: Programas de Incentivos para la compra de casa en la Ciudad de Baltimore

Una de las metas de la alcaldesa ha sido apoyar y crear programas de incentivos o becas para personas que quieran comprarse una casa en la Ciudad de Baltimore. Esta iniciativa es parte de su meta de crecer la ciudad y de proveer la oportunidad de cumplir el sueño americano de comprarse una casa.

Baltimore Food Hub Breaks Ground in Broadway East

The Baltimore Food Hub project is a $23.5 million historic renovation project situated on a 3.5-acre campus in Baltimore’s Broadway East community. It will create dozens of jobs, bring new life to a brownfield site in a is invested urban area, and provide opportunities for microenterprise, workforce development, education, and economic opportunity. The campus will include teaching and commercial production kitchens, space for food manufacturing, job training, an urban farming operation and an all-season market. By clustering food-related uses in a single campus, the project links East Baltimore to Maryland’s food manufacturing economy.

OpenWorks: Center for the creative arts community opens in Baltimore

OpenWorks will provide 150 individual micro-studios for designing, assembling, and finishing projects and products created in these facilities. Instruction in the safe and proper use of these sophisticated production technologies; workshops in advanced product design and fabrication; and classes in entrepreneurship, accounting, project financing, and product marketing for artists, designers, and craftspersons will be offered in dedicated classrooms and within the specialized shops and studios. 

Baltimore’s Public Confederate Monuments Report

Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake announced the release of a report on the findings of Baltimore City-owned public Confederate Monuments that lays the groundwork to address the recommendations for the

¿Cómo obtener un reporte de Policía en la Ciudad de Baltimore?

En los últimos meses muchas personas me han preguntado información acerca del proceso de adquirir un reporte de policía en la Ciudad de Baltimore.Mima Blog

Formulario 309

¡Este formulario NO ES un reporte de policía!

Este formulario le indica que un reporte ha sido tomado por el agente de policía.

Se lo utiliza para ofrecerle a la victima el nombre del Oficial que tomo el reporte y el número de reporte. El cual es necesario para adquirir una copia del reporte de policía (este numero esta bajo “Complaint No”